Affirmations and Truths

Affirmations to say today:

• I am Brave

• I deserve to be here

• I am important

• I am growing

Truths to remember:

• Kindness is a skill, so practice

• Introspection + Humility = Growth

• You'll never regret taking your time

• You're the Best Version of You

It’s important to speak positivity into the world, because you are shaped by the thoughts you have. If your thoughts are positive and aimed towards achieving your goals, then your mind will find ways to complete these tasks, however, if your thoughts are negative and self-defeating. All you will see will be defeat.

I didn’t used to believe in the power of positive thinking, but it’s been psychologically proven to improve your chances at achieving your goals. You shape your journey. You write the narrative of you, whatever that may be. So it is important to start your days cheering for yourself and to end your nights celebrating your victories, big and small.

Maybe your victory is that you remembered to change the laundry today and now you have clean sheets to sleep on. That is a victory that should be celebrated. If you are happy with yourself, good things will come and an easy way to become happier with your life is to see how much of a winner you really are!