About Faati

I’m a UX Designer who is deeply invested in informed design decisions. Research is my heart song. I love to learn and apply what I’ve learned to design decisions. I come to design from a place of service. Years of my life have been committed to giving access to people of need, as well as giving people the best night of their lives.

I’ve worked in weddings, government, and convention spaces all throughout Georgia, and the lessons I learned about southern hospitality impact the way I live my life today. Nerdy, but stylish is my mantra and People First my ideology. I believe in creating a more accessible future for all of us to share in. My dream and what lead me to the tech industry was an insatiable want for that Star Trek future and I believe I will not only find it, but help create it one day.

Writing has been second nature for me, it’s the way in which I articulate my standing in the world. I’m starting a Blog here, and if you want to follow my daily writing please don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter: @FaatimaVasser