Art by Dean @Coffeeandheart

Art by Dean @Coffeeandheart


Faatima Vasser

I believe in being helpful. It’s ultimately what pushes me in life. I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to service commitment. When my health became hard for me to overcome, I still put time in to work for the betterment of others. I worked providing smart phones to underprivileged people so they could get proper work and housing to support their families. I volunteered for conventions in Atlanta to help make sure people had a fun, but safe time as they attended events amongst thousands of other attendees, and I helped make people’s wedding day the most enriching and beautiful experience it could possibly be.

I’m all about creating enriching experiences, and that’s what drew me to User Experience Design. I never saw myself as a tech person. I kept up with the latest phones and had compelling social media campaigns, but being the one to create social media? It never seemed attainable to me, but that all changed when I attended General Assembly. Suddenly a world that seemed inaccessible to me opened up and I grabbed on and rode that wave of knowledge as hard as I could. I was most taken with the creation and implementation of User Personas, created by Alan Cooper.

Considering the different kids of people who might use an application, tool, or website came like second nature for someone who’s spent the last decade in service. Despite my disabilities I’ve always given my all to provide the best for others, because I believe that people deserve to be happy and to be heard. I’ve championed for those who are unheard in my projects and am compelled to continue living in service to others. Helping people gives my life meaning, and I define myself by my sincerity. I want to be a good person, and to make good decisions for others and believe this goal to be the defining factor in my work.





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